Major League Hacking 2025 Hackathon Season


24 Hour Beginner Friendly Hackathon

University of Toronto, Bahen Centre for Information Technology
October 26-27, 2024

About us

Join 300 hackers at NewHacks to transform your ideas into reality! In this 24-hour event, you and your team will build a project from scratch through the integration of hardware and software. Afterwards, you will present your project to a panel of industry judges to compete for prizes. This year's themes are Education, Life Convenience and Location/Maps!

Our hackathon is designed for anyone to participate, regardless of whether or not you have a technical background. To help facilitate your learning experience, we will host workshops throughout the event featuring speakers from some of the top companies in the industry. This hackathon will be in-person at the University of Toronto where we will provide various hardware, tools and equipment for you and your team to use!

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  • What is a hackathon?
    A hackathon is a sprint-like design event wherein computer programmers and others collaborate intensively on software projects.
  • Where is NewHacks taking place?
    NewHacks is taking place at UofT in the Bahen Centre for Information Technology. As a hacker, please be sure to sign-in in the atrium (located at the front doors facing St.George St.) of Bahen Centre.
  • Who can join?
    Our hackathon is open to high-school or post-secondary students 18 years or older.
  • I don't have a team, what do I do?
    All teams competing must have 3 or 4 members, but you do not need a full team to apply. We have a team formation channel on Discord as well as a team formation event scheduled before hacking starts, so you can connect with other participants that don’t have a team yet.
  • How do I apply with a team?
    You only need to fill out your individual application, receive an acceptance, and form a team with other accepted hackers. Teams are not required in advance; you're welcome to form a team with other hackers on the first day of the event! When you demo, you will provide the names of all of your team members.
  • What if I have no experience? Can I still come?
    Yes! NewHacks is for everyone, especially for beginners. You will have the opportunity to learn technical skills from industry mentors. Also, if you ever get stuck on your project just ask one of the mentors!
  • How much does it cost to participate?
    NewHacks is an event for new and inexperienced hackers that has no entry fee. It is your choice If you would like to buy and bring your own hardware and equipment to the event. For those who do not already have there own hardware and equipment and do not want to buy it, equipment will be available at the event for borrowing, however must be returned at the end of NewHacks.
  • Can I keep what I make?
    If you borrow equipment during the event, the equipment must be disassembled and returned. If you bring your own equipment and hardware to the event, of course you can bring it home.
  • When is the deadline to apply?
    Applications open on January 18th and close on October 10th at 23:59, 2024. Acceptances will be internally decided on a rolling basis, so apply early to maximize your chances of getting accepted!
  • When can I expect to hear back?
    Acceptances will be sent out on a rolling basis, so apply early!
  • What is the minimum and maximum size of a team?
    To compete you must be in a team of 3 or 4 members including yourself.
  • Is this hackathon in-person?
    Yes, this hackathon will be hosted completely in-person at the University of Toronto.
  • Do we need to have any hardware/software to participate?
    Nope! Any equipment you need to use, you can borrow using our hardware signout site


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